Monday, November 8, 2010

Mega-Blogpost, November 2010

Due to a slight computer melt-down, this is the first post in a while. I will name it "Mega-Blogpost". Things are busy in the shop. Lots of production, and several things in the pipeline.

This mantel was installed below a lovely Jere Allen painting. Heart pine,
and rock solid. Thanks for your patience, John.

This table was brought into the shop with a melamine top and an old, nice oak base. The clients wanted drop leaves and a rectangular, solid oak top stained to match.

This next project was fun. A client from Memphis wanted a 64" heart pine table top made. Just a little more than he wanted to chew. "No problem", I said. First the glue up, at left.

Then, the cicle jig.

Voila! Ready to sand and finish.

more to come!

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  1. Fun post Kev! Great to see the beauty your artistic hand is creating! Seeing some of how it gets created is super cool.